domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

New update for Omegan! Version 2.1

Hi all!

Yesterday I launched a new update for Omegan, the version 2.1. It includes some new features, check it out:

- Fleet added (Needs to be translated to English! Sorry!)
- No more eternal 'Updating' dialogs
- Application code improved a lot
- Changed the aesthetic of some buttons
- Button to set maximum number of units in shipyard and defense
- Added coordinates of the planets on the 'change planet' menu
- Galaxy preview (it doesn't work)

Here you have some screenshots of the new features:

                                       Ships                                         Number of ships to send

                                     Info                                                   New buttons

That's all! Hope you'll enjoy this new update and stay tuned because I'm working on the Galaxy! Thank you all!

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