domingo, 18 de marzo de 2012

New server but no money...

Hi all!

Today I'm gonna write about our economic situation and what we (the Omegan team) want to do.

Yesterday, the server where Omegan is located went down. We had some minor problems with the website and we disabled the access to the game. The server went down because of the amount of people that were playing online. Omegan's server is free, so its capacity is so reduced.

We have found a dedicated server that theoretically works like a charm, good specifications etc...

This server will guarantee:
     - Faster access connection
     - More disk space
     - More processing power
     - Better stability
     - Daily backups to save the data
     - Unlimited traffic
     - etc...

So it worth to make the change and buy this server. The bad news is that this server costs 80€/month (amount that is impossible to pay for us), so we need your help to buy this server (this is the best quality/price server we found).

That's the reason why we added some adverts to the Android application and to this blog, because each click helps us with a little amount of money. But this isn't enough, so we've added the possibility to contribute by sending us a little amount of money through PayPal.

You can send some money by clicking the following link (it is a direct link to PayPal):

Thank you very much for your help. We just want to offer the best user experience.

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