jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

New server working!

Hi all!

We finally have working our new server! Thank you to all the people who donated some money!

Now the browsing is faster (thing that is appreciated). We have contracted this server:

- Intel Core i5-2400 with Turbo Boost Technology
- 4x3.1+ GHz
- 6MB L2 - QPI 5GT/sec
- 64 bits system (linux)
- 120GB SSD
- Net: 100Mbps
- etc...

It's awesome! I hope you'll enjoy this server as much as I.

But there's bad news too... The new server has changed all the files needed to connect the mobile version, so it's not working... Moreover, has changed something of the data base and the Trade isn't working either. But we are working hard to solve all of this problems.

I'm also working on the fleet of the mobile version... I'm having sweat and tears to have it working!

That's all, thank you all for visiting my blog!


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