martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

Version 1.5 of Omegan android app!

Hi everyone!

I've launched a new version of the Omegan android application! This version includes some new features that some users were asking for and some others to improve the user experience using this application. Here you have a list of all of them:

1- Added progress dialogs while the user interface is loading.
      Why? Because I realized that if you attempt to change the planet before was all loaded, you couldn't
                  access them.

2- Added the time required to be able to build whatever. I mean, if you do not have enough resources, you aren't able to build anything, so this time shows you when you'll be able to build that thing.
       Why? Because this time is available at the webpage and the android app isn't less :P

3- I've improved the method of selection of the units in shipyard and defenses. Now you can introduce numbers manually.
       Why? Because this way, users that are able to build A LOT of units, can build them all at once.

4- You can now see some extra information of some buildings: the extra energy required, the current storage etc...
       Why? Because a user asked me for it, and here he has the function :)

5- The app will be automatically installed at the SD Card.
       Why? Some smartphones have not enough storage to install a lot of apps.

I hope you'll enjoy all of this new features. If you have questions, you can contact me.

You can download it by following this link:

Thank you all!

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